State Public Charter School Commission

The Board appoints the members of the State Public Charter School Commission ("Commission"), which has a statutory mission to authorize high-quality charter schools throughout the state.  The Commission consists of nine volunteer members who are appointed by the Board. 

Call for Applications and Nominations to Serve on the State Public Charter School Commission

The Board is seeking qualified candidates to serve as a member on the Commission.  Interested persons should complete and submit this application form with the appropriate attached documents.  Organizations or individuals may also use the application form to nominate individuals and submit applications on their behalf, provided that the individual certifies that he or she authorized the submission.  The application, a letter of interest or nomination letter, and a resume must be submitted in one email to by June 21, 2018.

At its July 19, 2018 meeting, the Board will determine the final nominees for appointment.  All final nominees will be notified by July 23, and if they agree to the nomination, their names will be placed on the Board's August 2 public meeting agenda.  At its August 2 meeting, the Board will make its appointment decisions.  Candidates should plan to begin serving on the Commission as of the date of appointment, August 2, 2018. (May 21, 2018)

Administrative Rules - Multiple Authorizers

If you are looking for information on the Board's work on the administrative rules regarding multiple charter school authorizers, visit our administrative rules page.

Special Review

In 2016, the Board conducted a special review of the Commission.  A detailed description of the special review process, including the purpose, ratings, outcomes, and a summary of performance measures and guiding questions can be accessed here.  At its February 21, 2017 general business meeting, the Board unanimously agreed to:

  1. Approve and transmit to the Commission the special review report, attached as Exhibit B to this memorandum;
  2. In accordance with the special review process outcomes and based on the Commission’s final rating, require the Commission to:
    1. Provide corrective action plans to address the deficiencies found in Performance Measures A.2, A.4, and A.5; and
    2. Report to the Board quarterly on, as well as include in the Commission’s annual report to the Board, the corrective actions taken to address the deficiencies found in the special review report until the Board determines sufficient progress;
  3. Request that the Commission work with the charter school community to develop a purpose of charter schools and propose a Board policy codifying the purpose;
  4. Include in its next annual report to the 2018 Legislature the issue of charter school support as described in this memorandum;
  5. Request that the Commission provide a plan to the Board for improving communication and relationships with the charter schools;
  6. Request that the Commission provide a plan to the Board for reducing the time and resources spent by charter schools in selecting and developing acceptable school-specific measures; and
  7. Upon enactment of Chapter 8-515, Hawaii Administrative Rules, as adopted by the Board, consider the special review the Commission’s first performance evaluation as required under the rules and direct Board staff to consider the lessons learned from the special review, as described in this memorandum, when developing the authorizer performance evaluation system and process.
Feel free to contact the Board office at (808) 586-3334 or with any questions regarding the special review.