Superintendent Evaluation (2017-2018)

For the 2017-2018 School Year, the Board of Education ("Board") created and adopted a new evaluation process that includes ongoing checkpoints throughout the school year to keep the Board informed of performance and progress.​  The checkpoints include quarterly check-ins, a mid-year formative assessment, and a final evaluation.

Mid-year formative assessment button.pngMid-Year Formative Assessment

The Mid-Year Formative Assessment is a mid-year check-in where the Board and Superintendent have a formal conversation about performance to date, progress on priorities, and areas of strength or opportunities for improvement. At its January 18, 2018 general business meeting, the Board conducted its first formative assessment of Superintendent Christina Kishimoto pursuant to the Board's new superintendent evaluation process. The Board gave Superintendent Kishimoto an overall rating of "effective" for the five-month period covered by the formative assessment and will reassess her performance during the final evaluation near the end of the school year.  Click here to view the Board's mid-year formative assessment of the Superintendent.