Board Committees 

The Board of Education has three standing committees:  Student Achievement, Finance and Infrastructure, and Human Resources.  The standing committee structure is in alignment with the goals of the Joint Department of Education and Board Strategic Plan.  The standing committees review, deliberate, and submit advisory reports and recommendations to the Board on all matters within their respective subject areas.  The work of each standing committee is guided by a charter, which describes its purpose, authority, and responsibilities.  The charters for each of the standing committees can be accessed by clicking on these hyperlinks:  Finance and Infrastructure, Human Resources, and Student Achievement.

Board Standing Committee Assignments (2020-2021 School Year)

​Student Achievement
​Finance and Infrastructure
​Human Resources
​Margaret Cox, Chairperson
​Bruce Voss, Chairperson*
​Dwight Takeno, Chairperson
​Kili Namau'u, Vice Chairperson
​Lynn Fallin, Vice Chairperson*
​Kaimana Barcarse, Vice Chairperson
​Shanty Asher
Margaret Cox​Margaret Cox​
​Kaimana Barcarse
Lynn Fallin
​Lynn Fallin
​Lynn Fallin
Kili Namau'u
Kili Namau'u
​Catherine Payne
​Catherine Payne
​Catherine Payne
​Dwight Takeno
​Dwight Takeno
Kenneth Uemura
​Kenneth Uemura

Bruce Voss
​Hunter Harris (student representative)

Approved at the July 9, 2020 General Business Meeting

*Approved at the  February 18, 2021 General Business Meeting