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                         State of Hawaii ‑ Board of Education

                                                                      1390 Miller Street

                                                                 Honolulu, Hawaii  96813



                                                             Meeting Agenda


                                                          Tuesday, July 17, 2012


                                                                           1:30 PM


                                       Queen Liliuokalani Building, Room 404



                                                           General Business




Keith Amemiya

Nancy Budd

Charlene Cuaresma

Kim Gennaula

Cheryl Ka'uhane Lupenui

Jim Williams

Wesley Lo


                                                                       Donald Horner



                                                                       Brian De Lima

                                                                     Vice Chairperson




I.         Call to Order



II.        Executive Session


         This portion of the meeting is a closed meeting under Section 92‑4 and sections 92‑5(3), and (4),Hawaii Revised Statutes.


A.                    Update/Discussion on Hawaii State Teachers Association contract and

                         related Hawaii State Labor Board matters

B.                    Consultation with the Deputy Attorney General on Board powers, duties,

                         privileges, immunities and liabilities


III.       Approval of Minutes



IV.       Public Testimony on Board of Education (Board) Agenda Items


Any interested person may submit data, views, or arguments in writing to the Board on any agenda item.  An individual or representative wishing to testify should register prior to the meeting.  Testimony must be related to an item that is on the agenda and such person shall be required to identify the agenda item to be addressed by the testimony. Each individual or representative of an organization is allotted two minutes, or an amount of time otherwise designated by the Chairperson, to provide testimony to the Board.


V.      Reports/Announcements of Board Committees and Members



A.                                Report of the Student Achievement Committee on the following: (1) proposed 2011-12 Secondary Student  Conference (conference for Hawaii’s secondary school students to identify, discuss and arrive at recommended solutions to major youth problems, with emphasis on school problems that require the attention and joint action by the students, the Department of Education and the Hawaii State Legislature) resolution No. 21 recommending that all public high schools continue to offer preparatory classes for the SAT as an accredited elective course as well as explore and expand other options such as online classes and courses during intersession; (2) Department of Education (Department) recommendation to hold a Public Hearing on the amendments to Title 8, Subtitle 2 Chapter 60, Hawaii Administrative Rules, (Provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education for a Student with a Disability); and, (3) Student Achievement Committee Agenda in context to approved Board/Department Strategic Plan 2011-2018


B.        Report of Finance and Infrastructure Committee on the following: (1) Department’s strategic approach to building 21st Century Schools in Hawaii; and (2) Finance and Infrastructure Committee agenda in context to approved Board/Department Strategic Plan 2011-2018


C.       Superintendent's Report 


i.      2011-12 Hawaii Statewide Assessment Program and Preliminary Adequate Yearly Progress Results


D.        Hawaii State Student Council (HSSC) Report


VI.     Discussion Items



A.      Update from the charter school implementation and transition permitted interaction group (Act 130, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012)


VII.    Board Action Items

A.        Discussion/Board action on the charter school Implementation and Transition Coordinator Contract (Act 131, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012)


B.        Discussion/Board action on the Department’s updated Strategic Plan 2011-2018

                     Update Strategic Plan

                     Proposed Change_Goal 2

VIII.    Adjournment


In an effort to reduce costs and increase public access to meeting materials, the Board of Education (BOE) will no longer be providing copies of materials for distribution.  Instead, at each meeting there will be two (2) folders of materials for public review and, effective immediately, materials can be viewed online at  For those unable to print, the BOE Office will make copies of such materials at a cost of $0.25 per sheet.

Persons requiring special assistance or services, such as a sign language interpreter, should call 586‑3334 at least three business days before the meeting.