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Governor David Ige issued an Emergency Proclamation dated January 26, 2022,  suspending the requirement of having at least one meeting location open to the public, Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 92-3.7, remote meeting by interactive conference technology; notice; quorum, to enable boards to conduct meetings without any board members or members of the public physically present in the same location. 

The Board of Education will be holding virtual meetings until further notice. Go to for information on how to listen to these virtual meetings.






Bill Arakaki      Shanty Asher      Kaimana Barcarse     Lyla Berg

     Lynn Fallin     Kili Namauʻu     Bruce Voss     

Catherine Payne, Chairperson

Kenneth Uemura, Vice Chairperson


Thursday, March 3, 2022

1:30 p.m. 

Virtual Meeting

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Written testimonies on Board agenda items *Materials added 3/2/2022 at 4:06 p.m.

Written testimonies on Board agenda items submitted after the 24 hour deadline *Materials added 3/4/2022 at 3:46 p.m.

  1. Call to Order

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes of February 17, 2022

  1. Reports of Board of Education (“Board”) Committees, Board Members, and Superintendent

  1. Student Achievement Committee Report on:  (1) Committee Action on distance and hybrid learning issue to proceed with policy development in accordance with Board Policy 400-2, entitled Policies and Policy-Setting; (2) Committee Action on fine arts standards for elementary and secondary grade levels; (3) Committee Action on world language standards for elementary and secondary grade levels 

  1. Finance and Infrastructure Committee Report on: (1) Update on Board Policy 301-10, Equitable Allocation of Facilities Resources:  status of resource allocation in accordance with the capital improvement program prioritization criteria

  1. Action Items

NOTE:  Testimony relevant to each agenda item will be taken before the Board considers the item.

  1. Board Action on amendment of and addendum to Elementary and Secondary Education Act (“ESEA”) consolidated state plan to:  revise growth calculation methodology for 2021 growth results, modify COVID-19 data used for identifying and exiting CSI/TSI schools, and revise the minimum number of students for which data will be reported to comply with Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 302A-1004

  2. Board Action on Board Resolution on Red Hill water contamination

  3. Board Action on declaration of annual reduction in force ("RIF") for classified employees to initiate collectively bargained placement rights for employees displaced due to changes in staffing needs

  4. Board Action on Student Achievement Committee recommendation concerning fine arts standards for elementary and secondary grade levels 

  5. Board Action on Student Achievement Committee recommendation concerning world language standards for elementary and secondary grade levels 

  6. Board Action on findings and recommendations of Investigative Committee (a permitted interaction group pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 92-2.5(b)(1)) concerning search for a superintendent:  superintendent job description

  7. Board Action on appointment of Board Waiver Review Representative for purpose of reviewing School Community Council (“SCC”) requests for waivers from statute, Board policy, and collective bargaining agreement provisions and to serve on the SCC Exception Review Committee

  1. Late Public Testimony on Board Agenda Items

NOTE: Anyone who missed the opportunity to testify before the relevant agenda item will be allowed to testify at the end of the meeting.

  1. Adjournment

Written testimony may be submitted on any agenda item and is strongly encouraged as the primary means of submitting testimony. Anyone wishing to testify orally must sign up in advance using the form posted here: Please note that you will need to register and log in to Webex to testify orally. Testimony over the phone will not be accepted at this time. Each individual is allotted four (4) minutes, or an amount of time otherwise designated by the Chairperson, to provide oral testimony to the Board. In accordance with Hawaii’s Sunshine Law (Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 92), testimony should be related to an item that is on the agenda. 

Meeting material is available online at

Audio of this meeting and the presentation screen used in the meeting will be broadcast live. Contact the Board Office for information on how to access this broadcast.


Persons requiring an auxiliary aid/service or other accommodation due to a disability should contact the Board Office at or at (808) 586-3334 as soon as possible. Requests made as early as possible will allow additional time to fulfill your request. We will try to obtain the accommodation, but we cannot guarantee that the request will be fulfilled.


Catherine Payne, Board Chairperson

March 3, 2022 General Business Meeting (Virtual)