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Patricia Bergin      Margaret Cox      Nolan Kawano

     Kili Namauʻu     Dwight Takeno     Kenneth Uemura     Bruce Voss    

David Texeira (student representative)   Captain Lyn Hammer (military representative)

Catherine Payne, Chairperson

Brian De Lima, Vice Chairperson


Thursday, March 7, 2019

5:00 p.m.

Mililani High School

95-1200 Meheula Parkway, H Building, Quad Room

Mililani, Hawaii  96789



I.          Call to Order

II.         Welcome and message from Mililani High School 

III.        *Public Testimony on Board of Education ("Board") Agenda Items *new material added 03/08/2019*

IV.         Approval of Meeting Minutes of February 21, 2019

V.          Reports of Board Committees, Board Members, and Superintendent

A. Student Achievement Committee Report on:  (1) Presentation on Complex Area Superintendent Report:  special education and English learner in the Leilehua-Mililani-Waialua Complex Area

B. Update on Ad Hoc Committee (a permitted interaction group pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes, Section 92-2.5(b)(2)) concerning 2019 Legislative Session:  hearings and testimony 

C. Report on Career and Technical Education Coordinating Advisory Council quarterly meeting, February 25, 2019 

D. Superintendent's Report:  (1) March 2019 Education Update; (2) update on school visits; (3) update on 2017-2020 Department of Education and Board of Education Joint Strategic Plan implementation: Focus on update on the English learner taskforce transition work and report on multilingualism symposium; (4) update on 2019 Legislative Session 

VI.         Discussion Items

A. Update on Medicaid reimbursement:  Department of Education staffing and anticipated revenue

B. Update on Superintendent's evaluation for 2018-2019 School Year:  status of achieving Superintendent's priorities 

VII.        *Public Testimony on Board Agenda Items   

VIII.        Action Items

A. Board Action on Superintendent's evaluation for 2018-2019 School Year:  questions and respondents to ascertain community perceptions of the successes and challenges of Hawaii's public educational system 

B. Board Action on Board process for appointing members of the State Public Charter School Commission

C. Board Action on Board policy positions for the 2019 Legislative Session: early learning system governance and accountability 

IX.         Community Open Forum

The Board will be accepting public comments on issues that are not on the agenda. Note that Board members cannot respond to comments about issues that do not appear on the agenda, pursuant to Chapter 92, Hawaii Revised Statutes, but can consider placing such issues on an agenda for a future Board meeting. Members of the public are also welcome to email the Board with comments at any time at

X.          Adjournment


Written testimony may be submitted on any agenda item. Oral testimony will be accepted at the meeting. Each individual is allotted four (4) minutes, or an amount of time otherwise designated by the Chairperson, to provide oral testimony to the Board. In accordance with Hawaii's Sunshine Law (Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 92), testimony should be related to an item that is on the agenda.

Meeting material is available online at and can also be viewed in the Board Office.

Audio of this meeting and the presentation screen used in the meeting will be broadcast live. Contact the Board Office for information on how to access this broadcast.

Persons requiring special assistance or services, such as a sign language interpreter, should contact the Board Office at least three (3) business days before the meeting.




                                                                                                                           Catherine Payne, Board Chairperson