From time to time, the Hawaii State Board of Education is confronted with members of the public who have complaints or concerns regarding the Department of Education. The Board, while providing the opportunity for the public to voice its concerns at any of its meetings, encourages the resolution of public complaints at the level closest to which they occur.

The Board of Education’s primary responsibility is specified by the Hawaii State Constitution to be policy-making. When considering most complaints or concerns, the Board evaluates the extent to which they are addressed by current policy or the extent to which they suggest the need for modified or new policies. The Board addresses individual complaints or concerns through the office of its Superintendent.

The Board of Education is committed to assuring that proper attention is given to individual complaints and individual concerns and desires that the Department of Education be as responsive to the public as possible.

The Superintendent of Education shall establish a program which will encourage all DOE employees to deal effectively and sympathetically with public complaints. The program shall:

1. Provide a vehicle whereby members of the public may voice complaints and concerns and may seek resolution at a level closest to that at which the complaint was generated.

2. Be publicized so that members of the public are aware of the existence of the program and of the Board’s interest in these matters.

3. Be easy to use and non-threatening to members of the public.

4. Safeguard the rights of both of Department of Education employees and members of the general public.

5. Encourage a sense of public confidence in the Department of Education.

Approved: 7/25/96