The Board of Education understands that both the quantity and quality of public education and public library services are dependent upon the funding provided as well as their effective and efficient management.

In the event that the Superintendent of Education and/or the State Librarian are notified of budget restrictions imposed by the Governor or of budget reductions proposed by the Legislature, the Superintendent and/or the State Librarian shall request the Governor and/or the Legislature to specify these restrictions or reductions as aggregate or lumpsum amounts.

They shall immediately notify the Board of the restrictions and/or reductions and provide it with comprehensive lists of recommended restrictions or reductions by program, function and costs. Further, the recommended restrictions or reductions shall be approved by the Board before they are forwarded to the Governor or to the Legislature. These recommendations must meet one or more of the following criteria: (1) that all students will continue to receive equal opportunities for all educational programs or services or all library users will continue to receive equal services; (2) that the well-being of students or library users are protected; and (3) that all judicially- and legally-mandated programs and services are preserved.

The Superintendent and State Librarian shall report semiannually to the Board on the effects, as long as these restrictions and/or reductions continue on programs and services.

Approved: 8/7/97