The Board of Education shall delegate to the Superintendent of Education and the State Librarian authority to approve certain special contracts and agreements for personal services:

(1) services required by court orders or legal mandates such as grants-in-aid, subsidies and purchases of services authorized by Chapter 42, Hawaii Revised Statutes;
(2) services obtained through the bidding process or formal advertising;
(3) services procured through an endowment requirement;
(4) services procured to assist disabled persons;
(5) services obtained for conduct of program and fiscal audits;
(6) services procured from Hawaii State agencies, and other governmental agencies; and
(7) services obtained because of public exigency.

The Superintendent and State Librarian shall provide quarterly reports on all special contracts and agreements for personal services to the Board of Education.

Except for the foregoing contracts and agreements for personal services, all other negotiated, non-bid agreements, or sole source contracts of $25,000 or more shall be brought before the Board for its review and action.

Approved: 09/21/00