The Board of Education (Board) is responsible for the review and approval of the Department of Education’s (Department) budget. The Board is also responsible for monitoring the use of funds appropriated to the Department. As such, the Board shall review the Department’s programs and its use of funds for reasonableness and effectiveness regardless of the program’s funding source, and reallocate moneys, if it is deemed necessary and/or prudent.

The Department shall conduct a program and fiscal evaluation of its key strategic initiatives to identify program improvements and inform the redirection of financial and human resources to support the effective implementation of the Department’s Strategic Plan for improved outcomes for students as well as in furtherance of the Board’s goals. The Department shall also conduct desk reviews on all other programs in a timely manner.

The Department shall make recommendations to the Board as to whether to continue or discontinue a program, or other appropriate action after reviewing the results of the evaluations as well as other pertinent sources of information. The Department shall submit recommendations to the Board, and the Board shall determine whether to reallocate any funds from programs which are designated to be modified or discontinued.

In implementing this policy, the Department shall be responsible for providing the Board with an annual report on the status of its key strategic initiatives. The Board may request supplemental information or in-depth reviews of key strategic programs, as appropriate.

Approved: 08/17/06, 02/17/11