1. Develop vision and mission statements.

2. Conduct short- and long-term strategic planning to reach consensus on BOE goals and objectives, school performance indicators and student assessment outcomes, policies on budget, curriculum frameworks and student assessment, personnel and staff development.

3. Hire, evaluate and define roles of Superintendent/State Librarian; with Superintendent/State Librarian, define roles, hiring and evaluation of senior administrators; establish policies for hiring personnel.

4. Review and approve the Board/Department/Public Library budgets; ensure congruence of spending priorities with the Board's goals and objectives. Establish policies to guide restrictions and expenditures.

5. Determine whether Board should participate directly in negotiations.

6. Set policies and guidelines for negotiating contracts and approve the negotiated contract.

7. Approve curricular frameworks and standards for student achievement.

8. Ensure linkage of policies and reform initiatives with student outcome objectives, curricular frameworks and assessment.

9. Establish staff development policies that ensure congruence with the Board's educational goals and objectives.

10. Set mechanism for systematic and periodic review of individual school performances.

11. Establish Board procedures to address petitions from the public.

12. Establish policies to encourage and facilitate collaboration with other agencies and entities.

13. Provide leadership in public education/public library system.

14. Periodically conduct Board self-assessment.

Approved: 9/16/95