Salaries of Subordinate Superintendents  

The Department of Education shall set the rate of pay for the Deputy, Assistant and Complex Area Superintendents in accordance with statutory and Board direction.  The salaries of the Deputy, Complex Area, and Assistant Superintendents shall not exceed the Superintendent's salary.

The minimum annual salary for a tenured educational officer appointed to the Deputy, Complex Area or Assistant Superintendent position shall be no less than the tenured educational officer's rate of pay prior to the appointment, subject to the limitations previously set forth.

Any amount of minimum annual salary established in accordance with this policy which exceeds the established salary level for the Deputy, Complex Area, or Assistant Superintendent position, shall be maintained for the duration of the tenured educational officer’s appointment.

Upon return to an educational officer position, the employee's pay will be set at the appropriate range and step for which they are qualified according to applicable statute, rule, collective bargaining agreement, and/or policy and procedure.


Approved: 11/7/02; Amended: 6/19/12