The development of student literacy in all content areas and in all grade levels is an educational and cultural imperative. Literacy shall be attained through an appropriate framework of curriculum and instruction. Literacy is the ability in any content or context to read, write, and communicate. Literacy shall include mathematical and scientific literacy. Other skills that enhance literacy include relating, expressing, speaking, understanding, listening, critical thinking, analyzing, and problem-solving.

The language arts standards in the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards specify what all students should know and be able to do to become literate. To attain this goal, all schools shall provide a balanced and comprehensive reading and writing program that includes the direct teaching of: (1) comprehension of content and language in both oral and written forms; (2) organized and explicit skills instruction, that includes phonemic awareness, phonic analysis, and decoding skills, especially in the early grades; and (3) fluency and vocabulary development that includes an understanding of how words work. The reading and writing program shall also provide: (4) on-going diagnosis and assessment that ensures accountability for results; (5) effective writing practices to be integrated into the reading and writing program; and (6) timely intervention services to assist students who are at risk of failing attainment of literacy.

An effective early reading and writing program shall be implemented to assure that every child will become a proficient reader and writer, as defined by the Department of Education, by the end of third grade.

In the instructional program for grades 4-12, all content areas shall further support the development of literacy skills such that students can access and communicate subject area content and concepts using a wide variety of print and non-print materials.

Students identified by the Department of Education as not proficient will receive appropriate assistance and support.

Approved: 10/94 (Curriculum and Instruction Policy)
Amended: 04/98; 06/02; 10/19/06.