To maximize the effective use of all program and project resources for students’ achievement of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards, the Department of Education shall require each school that receives designated program or project funds to integrate the use of such funds into the school’s Standards Implementation Design (SID). To ensure accountability for designated program or project funds and that adequate information is available for budget development and decision-making about best resource allocation, the Department shall require that schools clearly identify in their SID: (1) the instructional, curricular, assessment, professional development and other support service activities purchased with such funds; (2) the expected contribution(s) of funded activities to students’ achievement of the standards; (3) the criteria by which the effectiveness of the funded activities will be evaluated; and (4) recommended action to continue, discontinue, or modify this activity.

The Department shall use the information reported by schools for budget development, proposed resource allocation, and accountable use of funds. The Board shall exercise its responsibility and authority to review the effective use of designated program or project funds and for development of the Department’s current services budget.

Approved: 09/21/00