The Board of Education recognizes that a strong, challenging curriculum is key to student success and achievement. Therefore, all elementary (grades K-5) and secondary schools (middle/intermediate and high) shall design a program of studies—or curriculum—that enables all students to attain, to the highest degree possible, the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS). The curriculum shall include:

· Units of study or lessons, delineating content or topics to be taught;
    · Relevant instructional activities and materials to be used, aligned with the HCPS;

    · Specific learner outcomes or expectations that result in student attainment of grade level benchmarks;

    · A timeframe in which outcomes are expected to be achieved; and

    · Assessment tools and methods, including collection and analysis of student work, to measure student attainment of outcomes and benchmarks.

    With continued emphasis on improving student achievement, the articulation and coordination of curriculum and curricular services between and among grade levels and subject areas shall be addressed at every school. Articulation of services between schools within a complex shall also be addressed.

    The curriculum or program of studies shall include academic courses, subjects, and/or units, as well as planned, systematic co-curricular activities and student academic support services, such as assessment, counseling, and guidance to facilitate student attainment of standards.

    The Department of Education shall adopt regulations to assist schools in the implementation of this policy.

    Approved: 11/03/05