The Board of Education acknowledges that gifted and talented students excel in many areas such as intellect, creativity, artistry, leadership, psychomotor skills, and specific academia. The Board recognizes that the Department of Education is responsible for providing students that are gifted and talented with educational and co-curricular opportunities commensurate with their learning and creative capacity. Therefore, the Department of Education shall provide leadership and direction for all schools, K-12, to provide an appropriate and challenging education for gifted and talented students in the areas of intellect, creativity and/or artistry, leadership, psychomotor skills, and specific academia. The Department of Education shall be responsible for developing any necessary rules, guidelines, or procedures, and a strategic statewide plan for implementation that reflect the goals set forth below while following all state laws, rules, and regulations governing the education of gifted and talented students.

The goals of the Gifted and Talented program shall be to:

1. Set challenging curriculum standards appropriate to the intellectual and social development of gifted/talented students;

2. Have every school, provide learning opportunities to all students with outstanding talent and learning abilities;

3. Provide instructional and related services necessary to challenge and educate gifted and talented students at levels commensurate with their abilities;

4. Provide staff development and teacher training;

5. Increase and maintain parent participation; and

6. Establish a statewide student identification, parent notification, and program evaluation system.

Approved: 01/22/1998; Amended: 01/19/2006