The Board of Education (Board) recognizes the importance of fine arts programs, which includes dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, as an integral part of the academic program for all students (K-12) and that the value and benefits of fine arts education has been extensively acknowledged. The Board recognizes that the arts help students broaden their understanding of the world and the diverse cultural influences that surround them. Fine arts education enables students to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, character, discipline, and an appreciation of diversity.

The Board is committed to supporting fine arts programs in public schools. Therefore, the Department of Education (Department) shall assist all schools in establishing and maintaining fine arts programs, subject to availability of funds.

The goals of fine arts programs shall be to:

        · Provide access to fine arts programs for all students (K-12);

    · Ensure appropriate staff, materials, equipment, and facilities are available to support these programs;

    · Exist as an integral part of the curriculum, providing understanding appropriate to the maturity, needs, and interest of students;

    · Empower classroom teachers with a basic knowledge of Fine Arts concepts;

    · Ensure that students in Hawaii’s public schools will graduate with a proficient level of understanding of fine art concepts; and

    · Maintain and develop partnerships with fine arts organizations, professional artists, and the community to ensure expanded and diverse opportunities.

Approved: 01/06/11