It is recognized that there are secondary students who have difficulty succeeding in traditional learning environments. These students may have academic, social, emotional, or behavioral difficulties that impact their academic performance and success. In order to ensure that these students achieve high academic standards and graduate, all Department of Education secondary schools shall provide appropriate services and supports to students who are identified as alienated/at-risk. These services and supports may be offered through such structures as the Alternative Learning Centers (ALC), Special Motivation Programs (SMP), smaller academic houses, tutorial services, work-based learning experiences, and other models that meet the needs of the target population.

The goals of this program are: 1) early identification of alienated/at-risk students to allow for timely and appropriate intervention strategies, services, and supports; 2) creation of effective and supportive learning environments that enable alienated/at-risk students to improve their academic performance to attain the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) and graduate from high school; and 3) provision of services and supports that help students develop appropriate social, emotional and behavior competencies.

Approved: 11/03/05