The Board of Education understands that implementation of standards-based education requires instructional materials that are aligned with the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS). Therefore, printed materials, media and technology which overtly address the HCPS benchmarks shall be selected for classroom use.

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support shall provide a list of recommended textbooks and other instructional materials for select curricular areas. It shall also provide general and content-specific evaluation criteria for schools to use when evaluating instructional materials.

Schools that select texts and instructional materials not on the list of recommended texts and instructional materials shall demonstrate that these materials will better support their students’ learning needs. Evidence shall include statewide assessment results and other data documenting student achievement.

Schools shall also develop and implement a multi-year textbook acquisition/replacement plan that is based on instructional needs. This shall be a key component of a schools’ academic and financial plan. Schools shall inform parents and make available to their school communities, the textbook acquisition/replacement plan, its adequacy in meeting students’ needs for textbooks in a given year, and the textbook series, by subjects, used in classrooms.

Former Code Nos. 6134 Textbooks and Reference Materials
6134.1 Approval of Reference Materials Offered by Special Interest Groups
Former Policy 6134.1 Approved 01/55; Reviewed 07/60; Revised and included above 4/70

Approved: 10/70; Amended: 03/88; 05/95; 03/97; 09/98; 01/05/06