The Board of Education believes that all students can and want to learn. Therefore, the Department of Education shall establish a system of inclusive schools. Inclusive schools strive to ensure that all students are educated in general education classrooms to the maximum extent possible. Students of all ability levels learn together in the same classroom with necessary services, having their unique needs met, with teachers receiving appropriate support.

All decisions regarding the appropriate education for students with disabilities shall be based upon their Individual Education Program consistent with applicable federal and state laws. The appropriate inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classroom environments requires:

1. The participation of all members of the child’s educational team.

2. Appropriate staffing and adequate planning time.

3. The development and dissemination of teaching techniques and strategies that accommodate individual student’s strengths and needs and which promote relevant learning experiences, meaningful relationships and mutual respect.

4. Recognition of the needs of all children in the classroom.

5. Maximum possible cooperation between the home and the school.

Approved: 12/95; Amended: 2/16/06