The Department of Education shall implement School/Community-Based Management (SCBM) in all of Hawaii's public schools.

SCBM allows greater school level autonomy, flexibility and the involvement by those directly affected by decisions. It acknowledges a school community's right and obligation to participate actively in the school's on-going assessment and improvement process. SCBM implementation requires the collaborative involvement of principals and/or other school administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, students and other community members.

The Board of Education has established content and performance standards expected of students in Hawaii's public schools. Given greater flexibility and responsibility for decisionmaking, schools are expected to accept greater accountability to achieve these standards.

The Department of Education shall establish procedures for Department review and approval of those requests from schools which seek to become SCBM schools. These procedures shall:

1. Encourage and facilitate the desires of the schools to become SCBM schools;

2. Not place undue burdens or time delays on schools wishing to become SCBM schools;

3. Require a well articulated vision, School Improvement Process and Plan, SCBM Council Bylaws or an equivalent organizational design for collaboration, a commitment to consensus-based decision-making, and “fallback” decision-making procedures in the event that consensus cannot be reached. Decisions may involve but are not limited to, the areas of personnel, curriculum, instruction, budget, and facilities;

4. Require focus on student achievement and provision for objective periodic assessment of the SCBM process at the school; and

5. Require conformance with all state laws and Board of Education policies and rules.

Upon request, schools shall provide the results of their objective periodic assessment of the SCBM process and other information to the Department and/or Board of Education.

Copies of all school requests to become SCBM schools shall be provided to each member of the Board of Education as they are received. The Superintendent shall prepare a status report (including action taken and dates) on January 15th and June 15th of each year.]

Approved: 11/89; Amended: 04/96; 10/98
Repealed: 01/19/06