The Board of Education has established procedures whereby SCBM schools, upon application to the Board, may be granted waivers of specific Board of Education Policies or Rules and/or may be granted exceptions to specific provisions of labor agreements to which the Board is a signatory. The Department is directed to administer such procedures, and to make them widely available to the public.

Requests for waivers from rules not under the direct control of the Board of Education shall be forwarded to the appropriate governmental agency by the Department.

Waivers and exceptions are designed to enhance flexibility in order to facilitate school improvement. Requests must reflect the consensus of the school's community or the fallback decision-making procedures approved by the school. Schools are encouraged to explore alternate solutions before seeking waivers and/or exceptions to collective bargaining agreements.

To facilitate its commitment to SCBM and to make the process of obtaining waivers less burdensome and time-consuming, the Board of Education hereby establishes the category, "GENERIC WAIVER and/or EXCEPTION" to which it may assign any request.

GENERIC SCBM WAIVERS of Board policies or rules and/or GENERIC SCBM EXCEPTIONS to specific provisions of labor agreements to which the Board is a signatory have been found by the Board to have sufficient merit or be sufficiently routine as to justify automatic approval* upon application by a school. The Superintendent is directed to maintain an up-to-date list of SCBM Waivers and SCBM Exceptions which have been designated GENERIC by the Board and to approve upon receipt all requests from SCBM schools for such Waivers or Exceptions*.

The Board of Education may, for such reasons as it finds appropriate, remove the GENERIC designation from a Waiver or Exception at any time without necessarily affecting the status of schools previously granted such Waivers or Exceptions under this policy.

All requests for Waivers or Exceptions not designated by the Board to be GENERIC shall require Board approval.

* In the case of SCBM Exceptions to the provisions of a labor agreement to which the Board is a signatory, such approval indicates only Board of Education Agreement. The Exception also requires union agreement.]

Approved: 11/89; Amended: 04/96; 10/98
Repealed: 01/19/06