The Board of Education recognizes that high schools serve as the gateway to post secondary institutions and/or career opportunities. The Board further recognizes that in order to ensure that all students are prepared for the ever-changing global environment, high schools must undergo a transformation.

The Department of Education shall develop and implement a research-based, system-wide strategic plan for the redesigning of all high schools. This plan requires that students demonstrate proficiency of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and General Learner Outcomes, meet all graduation requirements, as well as effectively meet the Vision of a Hawaii Public School Graduate.
    Vision of a Hawaii Public School Graduate:

    All Hawaii public school graduates will:
· Realize their individual goals and aspirations.
· Possess the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to contribute positively and compete in a global society
· Exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
· Pursue post-secondary education and/or careers without the need for remediation

The Department of Education shall provide relevant support to high schools as they develop and implement their school-wide comprehensive plan that includes but is not limited to:

· Personalization of the high school experience
· Clear expectations that promote rigorous and relevant learning opportunities
· Effective organization of time
· Integration of technology throughout the curriculum
· Professional development that facilitates and supports new roles and responsibilities through teaming
· Strong leadership from all levels of the school community and educational system
· Authentic and effective partnerships with post-secondary institutions, community agencies and businesses.

These criteria shall be incorporated and addressed through the Standards Implementation Design Plan and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process.

Approved: 10/16/03