The Community School for Adults shall implement the Equipped for the Future Content Standards for Adults developed by the National Institute for Literacy. The sixteen Content Standards enable learners to fulfill their roles as parents, citizens, and workers by focusing on student acquisition of:
  • Communication Skills;
  • Decision-making Skills;
  • Interpersonal Skills; and
  • Lifelong Learning Skills.

The Community Schools for Adults shall use these standards to:

  • Assure a purposeful approach to education where students use the standards to clarify their purposes for learning and identify the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals, and where teachers structure an on-going goal-setting/needs assessment dialogue with students;
  • Provide students opportunities to learn and practice skills in real life contexts;
  • Encourage students to reflect on prior knowledge and develop more complex ways of constructing meaning and understanding experiences; and
  • Assess students’ learning progress and measure results using the Equipped for the Future.
The implementation of the standards shall be accompanied by an alignment of the Community School for Adults education program and system practices, including curriculum, instruction, assessment, and reporting.

The Department of Education shall develop and implement a plan to regularly assess the effectiveness of the Community School for Adults Program, including implementation of the content standards.

Approved: 01/10/02