Educational research, development, and program evaluation are key components of standards-based program improvement and professional development that help ensure student attainment of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and the General Learner Outcomes. The Board of Education and the Superintendent shall be committed to research, development and evaluation, in order to ensure program effectiveness and implementation of best practices.

The Superintendent shall encourage and facilitate the general understanding, acceptance, and implementation of ongoing educational research, development, and program evaluation. Department personnel shall cooperate in these initiatives.

The Superintendent shall approve all educational research and development projects prior to their implementation in the public school system.

Any questionnaire or other device for securing information, opinions, or statistical data from students that originates from outside agencies or Department personnel engaged in specialized research, development, or program evaluation shall not be disseminated or responded to unless written permission is granted to the requestor by the Superintendent.

Approved: 10/70; Amended: 3/88, 4/02