Systematic school, curricular, and program improvement efforts directed toward student attainment of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards (HCPS) requires the collection of relevant and accurate student assessment information. Assessment data provides information about student attainment of the HCPS and other outcomes and also serves to document accountability to the public. Statewide assessment data also provides public information about the status of student achievement in Hawaii public schools compared to schools elsewhere. Finally, student assessment data is necessary for well-informed decision-making.

The Department of Education shall establish a statewide assessment program that provides annual data on student, school, and system performance, at selected benchmark grade levels, in terms of student performance relative to the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and relative to nationally representative norms.

Former Code No. 6142
Policy Approved: 04/62 (Title changed from "Testing Program - Group"); Amended: 10/70; 03/88; 01/99