In a unified school system, it is desirable that grades be based on a set of expectations of students' performance. Therefore, there is a clear need for grades to be based on system-wide standards. Grades given to students enrolled in the Hawaii public school system shall be based on their achievement of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards which specify what students should know and be able to do. Performance ratings are given to reflect attainment of the General Learner Outcomes.

The Department is responsible for evaluating and reporting student achievement. This evaluation shall be summarized as grades, which shall be included in a report to parents at the end of each term: semester/trimester or year. Student attendance and the General Learner Outcome performance ratings will appear in student evaluations but shall be reported separately from academic grades.

Grades recorded by teachers must meet the dual criteria of validity and reliability. The test of validity is met when the grades have been based on the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards. The test of reliability is met when (1) there is a sufficient number of grade entries to indicate that a student has been afforded ample opportunities over a grading period to demonstrate competence; and (2) records are maintained accurately, legibly and support the grades given.

Approved: 7/96; Amended: 9/97, 06/03