Evaluation and the communication of student progress serve to place a value on learning and are critical to student attainment of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and the General Learner Outcomes. Periodic reports of student progress shall be provided to both students and parents. The involvement of the student in the evaluative process shall be considered essential, since it is the student's learning and personal growth that are being assessed. Involvement shall be determined by the student's maturity level.

The progress report shall involve an understanding of the instructional objectives and content and performance standards appropriate for learning and achieving. The report shall be diagnostic and constructive, enabling the student to understand his/her responsibilities as they relate to performance and attainment of the standards.

Because of the critical role families play in students' learning and achievement, elementary schools shall conduct parent-teacher conferences at least once each year for the purpose of reporting student progress. Schools may dismiss classes for this purpose in accordance with regulations and procedures set forth by the Department of Education. Secondary schools are encouraged to conduct regular parent-teacher-student conferences as a way to update parents on the academic progress of their child.

Approved: 10/70; Amended: 03/88, 04/02, 06/03