Information relating to individual students or former students in the public schools shall not be divulged or released by Department of Education (Department) personnel, except as authorized by the individual student, parent, or guardian, permitted by the Department, or specified by law. Reports designated as “confidential” contain information of an intimate and personal nature, and shall be safeguarded and respected in accordance with professional ethics. Such reports shall not be placed in files of general accessibility.

No questionnaire or other device for securing any kind of information, opinions, or statistical data from students shall be permitted in the public schools, except where the request is approved by the Department.

All public schools shall maintain individual files of permanent student records as required by the Department or by law.

Former Code No. 1151
Former Policy Approved: 1/50
Amended: 9/55, 3/88, 11/18/04
Reviewed: 4/60