The Department of Education shall establish, maintain and administer appropriate classification and compensation systems for teachers and educational officers in accordance with State of Hawaii statutes, Department regulations, and collective bargaining agreements.

Any pay increases for teachers and school-level educational officers in the Department shall be based on an evaluation of the performance of those employees and only employees who receive a rating of “effective” or higher will be eligible to receive such pay increases.

The Department shall develop a process whereby teachers and school-level educational officers who are rated “highly effective” on their annual evaluation shall be eligible to receive  financial recognition of this professional accomplishment, which shall not be added to or increase base compensation.   This policy amendment shall take effect July 1, 2013.

New teachers who do not hold a degree in a State Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP) shall be placed in the teacher salary schedule on the Instructor level.  Teachers at the Instructor level shall not be eligible for step movement or any other increase in compensation until they have received a degree from a SATEP and are properly licensed.  This policy amendment shall take effect immediately.

Approved: 6/86; Amended: 8/89;  04/17/12