It is an obligation at all levels of Department administration to establish and cultivate a favorable climate for frank and objective discussion of employee complaints with regard to their working conditions or other relations with the Department. The give and take of friendly, constructive criticism is essential. It is expected in an organization the size of this Department that occasions for employee irritation and dissatisfaction will arise. Unless employees are free to seek correction or to have explained to them justification of existing conditions, their work will suffer. The procedure is intended to cover grievances, complaints, or misunderstandings that are personal to an employee or a group of employees. The benefits derived under these procedures will be in direct relation to the skill, sympathetic understanding, and judgment of all persons involved.

Initiation of a grievance by an employee shall in no way reflect on the employee’s professional standing or loyalty to the Department or to the school or other organizations to which s/he is responsible. Neither shall it be considered a reflection on the employee’s supervisor or on the general administration of the Department. All parties to a grievance must be assured of freedom from restraint, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal. Discriminatory or retaliatory action on the part of the supervisor resulting from a grievance shall be a disciplinary offense.

Reviewed: 9/1/70; 6/86; Amended: 10/74

(Former Policy #5514)