The School Facilities Program shall provide classroom and support facilities to carry out the Department of Education's educational goals and objectives.

“The Educational Specifications and Standards for Facilities” shall control and provide the basic guidelines in the acquisition and development of school sites and in the master planning, designing, and construction of facilities for all public schools in the State of Hawaii.

“The Educational Specifications and Standards for Facilities” shall be revised as necessary to accommodate changes to educational programs, technological advances, or architectural concepts. Any revision or deviation from specifications or standards shall require approval of the Assistant Superintendent, Office of School Facilities and Support Services.

1. Landscaping - The landscaping of a school shall be an integral part in the design of a new school or replacement of facilities at an existing school.

2. Environmental Control - All facilities should take advantage of Hawaii’s relatively mild year-long climate but shall consider control of the environment when unique or local factors prevail. Air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, and carpeting of designated buildings may be authorized if required for noise control or other adverse conditions affecting the learning environment.

3. Acoustical Control – Facilities should be located, oriented, and designed to provide a learning environment free from distracting noise. Guidelines from the Department of Health, Department of Accounting and General Services, and other official sources shall be followed, as applicable.

4. Educational Technology and Telecommunications – Schools shall be provided with appropriate infrastructure to accommodate educational technologies and telecommunication systems.

5. Covered Walkways and Play Areas - Covered walkways and play areas shall be authorized in schools which are located in areas with median annual rainfall higher than 40 inches per year.

6. Assistance for School Sites and Other Facilities Requirements - In the review of land use applications and proposed residential developments, the Department of Education shall request the assistance of landowners and/or developers whenever deemed necessary in meeting the anticipated demands for school sites and school facilities.

Approved: 01/71; Amended: 09/18/80; 12/27/90; 03/16/95; 12/06/07