The establishment of capital improvement project priorities is one of the primary ways in which the Board of Education (Board) articulates its policies to the Department of Education (Department). Those priorities are articulated through approval of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) allotment schedule that specifies how, where, and in what amount funds are to be expended.

The CIP matrix was originally developed in 1978, with an update in 2006, out of recognition that the Department did not have sufficient funding to meet the capital improvement needs of all schools statewide. It is intended to provide the Department with an equitable and objective means for prioritizing many competing needs in the wake of reduced levels of capital funding.

The Department shall use the CIP matrix in the development of its CIP allotment schedule. The CIP allotment schedule shall be evaluated and require prior approval of the Board, but shall not be limited to approval on an annual basis.

Determination of the merits of the adjustments shall be based on, but shall not be limited to:
    · A request for additional funding to complete projects;
    · A change in means of financing;
    · A donation of land or funds for specific projects; and
    · Whether the adjustments address Board and Department goals, objectives, and standards.

The CIP allotment schedule shall also be evaluated on the basis of the justifications, evaluations, pertinent data, and reports provided and consistent with Board approved goals, objectives, and policies for the Department.

Approved: 2/19/09