Any changes to a New Century Charter School’s (“NCCS”) Detailed Implementation Plan (“DIP”) that have significant impact on instruction, operations, budgets, personnel, facilities, or organizational viability, such as: adding a new school level, expansion of enrollments beyond current capacity with significant staffing implications, building or moving to a new facility, adding an additional campus site, significant alteration of the school’s instructional approach/program, adding an e-School, or a significant change in an admissions policy, shall be approved by the Board of Education (“Board”). All other changes to the DIP shall not require Board approval, but the NCCS shall notify the Board in writing of the change, which letter shall be incorporated as part of the NCCS’s DIP.


Early Notification of the CSAO. Notify the Charter School Administrative Office (“CSAO”) in writing of any intended proposed changes to a DIP, as soon as possible. (For example, you learn that your landlord is canceling the lease. You don’t know yet where you will relocate, but you do know you will need to eventually amend your DIP).
2) CSAO Support and Application Form.
The CSAO will transmit to the Local School Board (LSB) a formal applications for DIP amendment that includes questions, issues, and criteria, as appropriate, for the type of DIP amendment a charter school is proposing. Upon request, the CSAO will assist the LSB in its planning process to the extent practicable.
3) LSB Authorization and Approval.
Before transmittal to the CSAO for review and presentation to the Board, all DIP proposed amendments must first be approved by the LSB.
4) Official Notification.
Notify the CSAO in writing within thirty (30) days of action taken by the LSB to pursue changes that will eventually require a DIP amendment. Enclose minutes of the meeting. (For example, you decide that you need to move to a new facility, and the LSB authorizes the Executive Director to begin looking for a new site. You still don’t know the site, but at this time please notify the CSAO that the LSB has made the decision.)
5) Formal Application for a DIP Amendment.
When a LSB has sufficient information to complete a DIP Amendment Application form, it will send the form and supporting documents (hereinafter “Application”) under the signature of the LSB chair to the CSAO.

6) CSAO Review.
Upon receipt of the Application, the CSAO will review the Application for its completeness and prepare and submit a recommendation to the Board within fourteen (14) days of receipt.
7) Committee Review.
Within thirty (30) days of receipt of the CSAO’s recommendation, the Committee of the Whole on New Century Charter Schools (“Committee”) will review the CSAO’s recommendation and place the Application on the next Committee’s meeting agenda and pass a recommendation to the Board.
8) Board Review. Within thirty (30) days of the Committee’s recommendation, the Board shall place the Application on the next Board meeting agenda and rendered its decision.]

Approved: 08/18/05; Repealed: 11/01/07