§8-207-1 Applicability

§8-207-2 Repealed

§8-207-3 Repealed

§8-207-4 Programs offered

§8-207-5 Professional performers

§8-207-6 No charges for programs

§8-207-7 Eligibility to participate in programs

§8-207-8 Program schedule

§8-207-9 Location of programs

§8-207-10 Restrictions


§8-207-1 Applicability. This chapter governs programs developed by the public libraries for the general public. This chapter does not apply to programs developed by the library for the blind and physically handicapped. [Eff 8/7/93; comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-2 REPEALED. [R 05/24/2010]


§8-207-3 REPEALED. [R 05/24/2010]


§8-207-4 Programs offered. (a) The system may offer various programs at the public libraries.

(b) All statewide level programs may be available at each public library.

(c) Branch library level programs may be offered at a public library based on availability of public library personnel and community requirements. [Eff 8/7/93; comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-5 Professional performers. (a) Professional performers may be used by the system for various programs.

(b) Professional performers hired for programs for children and young adults shall be auditioned by a panel of not less than three youth services librarians before being engaged to perform at any public library.

(c) Unanimous approval from all members of the panel is required for the performer to pass the audition.

(d) Performers hired by the system shall provide services that reflect specialized or unique expertise.

(e) Complaints and poor evaluations submitted by the public and staff may result in removal of the performer's name from the eligible list. [Eff 8/7/93; am 1/2/96; am and comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-6 No charges for programs. All programs offered by the public libraries are free of charge. [Eff 8/7/93; comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-7 Eligibility to participate in programs. (a) All programs shall be offered to the public.

(b) Age or grade specific programs (e.g., young adult summer reading program, preschool or toddler story hours shall be restricted only to those library customers in the specified age or grade range. [Eff 8/7/93; am and comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-8 Program schedule. Whenever possible, program schedules may be published and made available to library customers prior to the program's occurrence. [Eff 8/7/93; comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-9 Location of programs. All programs shall be performed in a public library, except that certain programs may be performed at other locations in a public school or the community based on the size of the anticipated audience. All programs held at sites other than a public library shall be clearly identified as being sponsored by the system. [Eff 8/7/93; comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)


§8-207-10 Restrictions. Public libraries may limit the number of attendees and participants in a program due to room size, fire and safety code, or program requirements. In these instances, library customers may be required to register for the program at the public library. [Eff 8/7/93; am and comp 05/24/2010] (Auth: HRS §§296-19, 312-1) (Imp: HRS §312-1)