§8-45-1 General rule

§8-45-2 Application procedures

§8-45-3 Sponsor's responsibility

§8-45-4 School cooperation with sponsors

§8-45-5 Committee's recommended list of activities

§8-45-6 Approval required

§§8-45-7-16 Reserved


Historical Note. This chapter is based substantially upon Department of Education "Rule 8, Relating to Community Sponsored Activities." [Eff. 9/23/63; am 1/8/73; am 9/29/79; R 5/2/83]


§8-45-1 General rule. (a) The department shall cooperate with individuals, community organizations and agencies desiring to sponsor activities in the public schools when activities are in keeping with the purposes and educational aims of the schools, do not result in an undue disruption or loss of instructional time for the student, do not impose an unreasonable added workload on the staff of the school, and require no direct monetary assessment of the student for in-classroom activities.

(b) The primary educational aims of the school and the needs and interests of its pupils shall be the first consideration at all times.

(c) Schools shall not be used to promote private interests and causes that have not gained general approval as being for the general welfare. Schools shall not be used to promote religious causes.

(d) Schools shall not be used for direct or indirect sales promotion of goods or services nor for concealed, misleading, or extravagant advertising.

(e) All materials or activities initiated by private sources shall be judged on grounds of their:

(1) Direct contribution to educational values;

(2) Factual accuracy; and

(3) Good taste.

(f) Proposed activities relating to curriculum in the schools shall be reviewed by the department's office of instructional services for accuracy and conformity with the established curriculum. [Eff. 5/2/93; am and comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: Hawaii Const. Art. I, §3; HRS §§302A-1101, 302A-1112, 302A-1139)


§8-45-2 Application procedures. Agencies and individuals desiring to sponsor activities and programs in the schools shall complete form 117 and return it with copies of relevant informational materials to the community sponsored activities committee for evaluation and recommendation before June 1 of each year for activities planned for the following year. When the activity is to be conducted on a limited scale and not statewide, the request shall be filed with the district superintendent. [Eff. 5/2/83; am and comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: HRS §302A-1112)


§8-45-3 Sponsor's responsibility. The sponsor of the activity is responsible for the preparation and circulation of all informational materials and for other administrative work required in the conduct of the activity including the grading, judging or evaluation of the participants. [Eff. 5/2/83; comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: HRS §§302A-1112)


§8-45-4 School cooperation with sponsors. Schools may cooperate with sponsors of approved activities by making announcements, posting notices, and communicating information on these activities by other appropriate means to interested students. [Eff. 5/2/83; am and comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: Hawaii Const. Art. I, §3; HRS §§302A-1101, 302A-1112)


§8-45-5 Committee's recommended list of activities. The community sponsored activities committee shall submit a recommended list of activities and programs to the superintendent. [Eff. 5/2/83; am and comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: HRS §302A-1112)


§8-45-6 Approval required. All statewide community sponsored activities shall have the prior approval of the superintendent. [Eff. 5/2/83; am and comp MAR 11, 1996] (Auth: HRS §302A-1112) (Imp: Hawaii Const. Art. I, §3; HRS §§302A-1101, 302A-1112)


§§8-45-7-16 Reserved.