Board Policies

In 2011, the Board of Education formed a task force to audit the Board's policies, and in 2014, the task force presented a report on the audit and recommended a policy matrix that reorganized the policies to align with the Board and Department's joint strategic plan, created "ends policies" that describe the outcomes the Board is seeking for the educational system, identified policies that may not be needed, and identified areas where new policies might be considered.  The Board completed its work on transitioning all its policies to its new policy numbering system in June 2016.

The document library below lists all current policies in order of their current policy numbers.  The public can still search for policies using old policy numbers by hovering over the "Old Policy No." column heading, clicking the drop down arrow, and selecting an old policy number from the menu.  If you cannot find an old policy number, the Board may have deleted that policy.  Please feel free to contact the Board if you cannot find the policy for which you are searching.

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Old Board Policies