To ensure high academic expectations, challenging curriculum, and appropriate assessment and instruction for all students, the Department of Education shall implement the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards as approved by the Board of Education. The standards shall specify what students must know and be able to do.

Schools shall articulate and align their curricular, assessment and instructional program—by grade level, subject area, courses, and/or other appropriate units—with the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts to help all students attain the standards. The school's articulated curricular, assessment and instructional program shall be shared with parents and students with the intent of involving parents/guardians as partners in the education of their children.

The Superintendent shall develop and implement a plan to create a standards-based and performance-oriented education system that will ensure that all students attain the standards.

Approved: 10/95
Amended: 11/01; 06/23/05