Students of the public schools have the right of expression in official, school-sponsored, student publications. The right of expression, however, carries responsibilities. Student publications are considered, in part, a laboratory for learning, as students are still in the process of learning the skills and processes of effective and responsible communication, and are considered to be still in need of guidance and supervision.

Student publications provide students with an opportunity to express ideas and opinions and allow students to provide a service to others by making information more readily available, increasing awareness of timely issues and topics, and enhancing the image of the school and school community. The process of producing these publications also provides students with authentic, real-life opportunities to apply academic learning.

Student publications include, but are not limited to, various media including print media (books, newspapers, yearbooks, magazines, posters, etc.); audio and/or video productions; and publications disseminated through electronic information systems and networks or broadcasts. A school-sponsored publication is one that is written and/or produced substantially by students under the auspices of the school, approved by a representative of the school administration, and made generally available throughout the school.

Student editors and staff of school-sponsored student publications have the authority to determine the content of their publications subject to the limitations of this policy, the Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, and state and federal law. The Department shall establish regulations that provide guidelines and other standards for school-sponsored student publications.

Approved: 01/99